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BOW Investments Makes Leaps in World of Investing

Founded in September of 2016, BOW Investments has been racking up quite a bit of attention the past couple of months from well-known corporations around the world. Founded and currently run by Ryan Berejikian, BOW Investments is known for its successful buying and selling of websites along with its niche marketing techniques. Though information of website URLs and client names were protected from our view, it was not difficult to tell that the company has built up quite the portfolio and network. They claim no other company has attempted to focus on and control the hidden but quickly growing $250 million dollar market of website investing; they plan to be the first. Aside from their focus on investing, they claim to have developed a unique marketing strategy that has successfully been used for companies from startups to Fortune 500s. The question at hand is why haven’t other companies emerged from a market this size and what new marketing strategy has Ryan Berejikian and BOW Investments developed that may change how companies promote their products or services?

We were able to get a hold of Ryan to ask him a few questions regarding the future of the business and where he sees the market within the next few years. He believes “the market is still young with room to expand” and predicts BOW Investments will “be growing just as fast or faster than the market”.

“The bigger the market grows, the more investors get involved, allowing us to liquidate our properties easier with higher demand and overall higher evaluations”, Ryan claims.

BOW Investments


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